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Bell Services

As a full-service FAA Certified Repair Station, we at  Helicopter Services, Inc., specialize in everything from inspections and repairs, to complete overhauls and parts. Our outstanding, service-oriented customer service makes us the best option for all of your Bell helicopter needs.

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The Bell Brand

For more than 85 years, Bell has continually redefined what it means to be a helicopter manufacturer. As one of the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers, Bell places an emphasis on safety and innovation, and it shines through in each of the Bell helicopter models.

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A HeliServ technician performing helicopter repairs & maintenance in Houston, TX

Bell Services

Helicopter Parts

As a reseller, we have competitive prices on genuine Bell helicopter parts. Go to our helicopter parts page to browse our robust selection.

Helicopter Maintenance & Repair

As a full-service FAA Certified Repair Station, our maintenance department is staffed with Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) mechanics and FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) mechanics. Our team of highly skilled mechanics is knowledgeable in all aspects of Bell’s helicopters and can provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services.

Bell Models Serviced:

  • Bell 407
  • Bell 429
  • Bell 505

Bell Helicopters for Sale

The Bell 407, 429, and 505 have become the standard for world-class helicopters. Many things set Bell’s helicopters apart from other brands, but some of the primary luxury benefits include, their functionality, flexibility, high safety levels, and fast speeds, all wrapped in a comfortable interior and proven exterior. 

Bell’s helicopters are renowned for their high safety ratings and adaptable designs. The superior versatility of Bell’s helicopters makes these machines ideal for pilot training, public safety, private personal transportation, and other types of commercial and personal transportation.

However, given the desirable nature of Bell’s helicopters, availability on parts and products can vary — to inquire about a certain model or part, contact Helicopter Services, Inc. today to see if the product you are looking for is available.


For over 40 years, Helicopter Services, Inc. has been a trusted and successful full-service FAA Certified Repair Station. Our team includes some of the best aviation mechanics in the industry, who boast over 100 years of collective experience in the rotorcraft industry — and it shows in each service project that HSI takes on.

Contact Helicopter Services, Inc. today if you need fast, affordable, and superior servicing.

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Helicopter Services  Offerings

If it is helicopter related, we do it.

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