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Choose Helicopter Services Inc. for all major inspections including pre-purchase, 100 hour, 12 year inspections, and more. Whether you bring your aircraft to us or we come to you, our competitive turnaround times and exceptional customer service makes us the number one choice for helicopter inspections in the Southern United States and across the country.

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Aircraft Inspections By Experienced Professionals

From teardown to full rebuild, we have only the finest technicians working with your aircraft. Our staff is made up of Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) mechanics and FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) mechanics with 100 plus years of experience in the rotorcraft industry. We are factory trained from OEMs such as Robinson, Bell, Rolls Royce, Airbus, and Safran/Turbomeca. Your helicopter is in the hands of only the best!

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During a scheduled condition inspection, we inspect all components of your aircraft in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations. Our thorough observation helps detect cracks, corrosion, and disbonds found in composites which could be caused by fatigue and stress. We also check to make sure all Airworthiness Directives have been addressed.

The safety of the individuals who fly aboard your aircraft relies upon routine maintenance and inspections to stop problems before they happen. Plus, regular servicing helps protect the value of your investment for years to come!

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Robinson recommends that their aircraft be overhauled and inspected every 12 years or 2200 hours of flight time, whichever comes first.

As a Robinson Authorized Service Center, we have the capabilities to perform an in-depth inspection on R22, R44, and R66 model airframes. After your inspection and overhaul are complete, your helicopter will be restored to like-new conditions!

If a problem is detected during the inspection that requires a new part, we supply genuine Robinson parts at competitive prices. Go to our helicopter parts page to browse our vast selection of parts.


Helicopter Services Inc. is a full-service company dedicated to consistently providing reliable and economical services to helicopter owners from all over the country. Our exceptional customer service is just one of the many attributes that help us stand out amongst our competitors. Our experienced technicians are prepared to answer any question about your aircraft, including how to change your aircraft’s registration number.

We are housed in a fully renovated facility with hangar and office space totaling 19,200 square feet at David Wayne Hooks Airport (KDWH) in Houston. We are a stable and solvent organization with all the space, human, and financial resources necessary to support our ongoing success. Contact our team of expert mechanics today!

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