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new helicopters for sale in Texas

Whether you’re a seasoned helicopter pilot or a private buyer exploring new aircraft, we offer a diverse selection of personal and business helicopters. Our listings provide comprehensive details and high-quality images to help streamline the process. You can specifically search for helicopters available for purchase, complete with year, and make, model. 

Helicopter Services Inc. (HSI) is an authorized dealer of Robinson helicopters and a Airbus Helicopter reseller. Financing is available. We also accept trades! View our inventory of new helicopters for sale in Texas below.

Buying a new aircraft is a big decision; read about things to do before you buy, or contact us today with any questions.

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New Helicopters for Sale

A Versatile Business Asset and More!

We are dedicated to delivering the most efficient helicopter solutions to customers who operate in demanding environments, serving, protecting, saving lives, and ensuring the safe transport of passengers. Our helicopters are deployed globally, catering to private, VIP, government, law enforcement, and semi-public needs. Whether you’re a news station seeking a traffic copter, a hospital requiring medical transport, or a business needing efficient transportation, explore the diverse options available through our listings.

Businesses across various industries recognize helicopters as invaluable assets, offering unparalleled speed and agility to navigate challenging situations. We cater to multiple sectors, ensuring you find the perfect helicopter for your requirements.

Cutting-Edge Innovation and Proven Technology

Today’s rotary machines are designed and developed by industry leaders using methods and tools pioneered over decades. With the masterful combination of time-tested ideas, modern advancements, and manufacturing methods now available, you can own a powerful and cost-effective aircraft. 

Helicopter Services Inc. offers new helicopter sales in Houston, Texas, and a full-service repair center. If you have questions about our helicopter services, our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Contact us today!

Helicopter Services Offerings

If it is helicopter related, we do it.

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